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Continous paper

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By: Joshua C. Arles - joshua_arles

Continous paper

2003-04-21 19:05

I have generated pdf files. I indicated the page height as 792 becuase the paper is 11 inches in height. The problem is I'm printing the pdf file using continous paper. It seems like it does not recognize the page break or the height of the paper. The output are printed across into the nextpage. Why is this happening? Does JasperReport supports printing in a continous paper? How can I solve this? I must print it in a continous paper only. Please help me.


I'm looking at two different causes. maybe it is becuase of the 0.04 or it must be that the printer does not recognize the font. I used this code

<reportFont name="SanSerif" isDefault="true" fontName="MS Sans Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24" size="10" pdfFontName="Helvetica" pdfEncoding="Cp1252" isPdfEmbedded="false"/>

and I'm using an EPSON FX printer with the following settings.


Print Mode = Utility

Pitch = 10CPI

Style = Normal

Size = Single

Set-Up Graphics = Bi-directional.


Is it because of the printer?

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