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inconsistent newlines


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I am using Eclipse 3.1.2 and Jasper Assistant 2.0.5.


The problem is that I sometimes (seems random) get an error when trying to commit changes in a jrxml to a svn repository.


The message in the console view in Eclipse is:

Inconsistent line ending style


svn: Commit failed (details follow):

svn: File '......path of my jrxml' has inconsistent newlines


Even if I am just adding a single space to a static text box, I get the error. I seem to have gotten around this a little by reverting my jrxml to the version in the svn and then making a small change and committing, then making another small change and committing. Also if I open the jrxml in text-edit or xml-edit mode and edit the xml directly (not in Jasper Assistant) then I am able to commit my change.


Help is appreciated.



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