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Problem with Connecting to Oracle

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By: madhuri - madhurip

Problem with Connecting to Oracle

2003-04-16 18:37


I am having difficulty connecting to Oracle for using Jasper Reports. I am using Oracle 8.1.7. The Oracle JDBC Driver classes, classes12.zip is in the location of C:ORACLEORA817jdbclib on my computer and this path is in my CLASSPATH.


I have created a report design, compiled it using ant and when I try to "fill" the report, I am getting a "Class Not Found Exception - oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver".


Is there some thing I am missing, do I need unzip the classes12.zip and put it some where? I was trying to use "iReport" and I had the same problem until I have unzipped the classes12.zip and copied it to "lib" directory of iReport. Do I have to do any additional things or am I doing any thing wrong?


Thank you,








By: Allen Pham - apham

RE: Problem with Connecting to Oracle

2003-04-17 14:20

You must explicidly add the JDBC jar to your classpath. Not just the directory.

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