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Bar Chart X Axis Label problem


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I am working on a bar chart, and have three values to display ( Object Category --> string and coupon --> Big Decimal) on the X Axis and sum of Price(for the above group of Category and coupon) on the Y axis


currently i have theese values


Category Expression as --> $F{Object Category }

Series Expression---> $F{coupon}

and Value Expression as= $F{sum(price)}


the chart comes up with colour codes for the coupon and X axis label is the object category, with each slice of coupon colour coded.


The requirement says that along with the colour code for coupon slice , i have to dsiplay the coupon name .


eg if cp1, cp2 cp3..ect are coupon values and inside , outside , NC are categories


i need the display as


cp1 cp3 cp5 cp2 cp6

<--inside--> <--outsied-->

Is there any way i can print the coupon values too along with the categories which get displayed normally now.


Please reply soon, if u know the answer.



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