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Using lists as field types


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Hi to all!

I have to make report with really complicated structure. In one of the fields of this report I have to print the values of a list. Is there any way to iterate over this list in my report and if not can anyone give me an idea how can I print the values?

All I have is a blank rectangle in which I have to fill with those values from the list. :)


It's kind of urgent so please if anyone can help!

Thanks in advance!

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I decided to use subreport. I don't think this is the best way but I can't find another. But still remains the problem that I have some lines that have to be moved depending on the size of the subreport. These line's are in the main report. Is there any way to connect the lines with the subreport so when the subreport takes more place the lines move. I hope I explained it well.


I desperate need help so pls guys if anyone can help me!!!

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