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Line-Element in 0.4.6

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By: Heinz Haeussler - ecd-haeussler-h

Line-Element in 0.4.6

2003-04-14 22:01



after an upgrade from 0.4.4 to 0.4.6 the line-element has changed the behavior and broken all my reports.

Here is an explanation:


<band height="100">

<!-- A rectangle for comparison -->


<reportElement x="0" y="0" width="100" height="100"/>



<!-- In 0.4.6 this line doesn't reach the right of the rectangle anymore,

but increasing the width to 101 is possible -->


<reportElement x="0" y="50" width="100" height="0"/>



<!-- In 0.4.6 this line doesn't reach the bottom of the rectangle anymore,

and increasing the height to 101 is not allowed -->


<reportElement x="50" y="0" width="0" height="100"/>



<!-- In 0.4.6 a line at the bottom of an band isn't allowed anymore -->


<reportElement x="0" y="100" width="100" height="0"/>





Thanks, Heinz





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Line-Element in 0.4.6

2003-04-15 18:27




Yes, there are some changes concerning the line


The vertical and horizontal lines do not have

witdth="0" and height="0" respectively.

They have width="1" and height="1" even if you set

these properties to zero.


The initial idea was inconsistent with the actual

line behavior during report filling.

In fact, the vertical and horizontal lines are always

1 pixel wide.


With this new convention, the lines are now drawn

one pixel shorter.

I think the problem is that I did not reviewed all

the implications.

I'll settle this once and for all in the future version.


Sorry for eny inconvenience.


Thank you,


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