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use dtd in jar with doctype?


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Our production servers have outgoing http access shut off. When this was done, errors were encountered when a jrxml template was attempted to be compiled. "External entity not found: 'http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/dtds/jasperreport.dtd'."


I understand the dtd is found in the jar file and have read previous posts that this URL isn't used but from my experience it is. As soon as we allowed outgoing http access to sourceforge.net the template was able to compile without any errors.


We are currently leaving the outbound connection to sourceforge.net open but this is only a temp solution as we have to have all outgoing closed for security.


What would be the work around? Is there a way I can include something in the XML DOCTYPE to tell it to use the dtd in the JAR file?

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I'm not certain whether or not this will help, but there is a constant in the JRXmlConstants class called JASPERREPORT_DTD that contains a string for the location of the DTD file in the jar. So, if you can pinpoint the place where the DTD is referenced by its sourceforge URL, you at least know what to replace it with (in Java code, anyway).


Hope that's somewhat useful.


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