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My subreport is working well when I generate the report using iReport. In iReport I use ".\SubReport.jasper" as my subreport expression class. But when I use it in my application it generates an error that it cant find the file ".SubReport.jasper". I'm using absolute path in my application, "C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 5.5/webapps/appsname/WEB-INF/reports/MainReport.jrxml" for the main.

I tried using absolute path in iReport using "C:\Program Files\apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\webapps\appsname\WEB-INF\reports\SubReport.jasper". I does not generate an error but it will not show my subreport. I'm using Spring so I'm guessing since I use absolute path I cant use ".\Subreport.jasper". How come my subreport is not showing in my main report when I use absolute path in iReport? I pointed to that file when I added my subreport on subreport wizard.

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