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Customizing CrossTab in Jasper


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Please click on http://www.uploadimages.com/myalbum/8625

to get the idea in introduction. In the following report I am using CrossTab, each cell can have one or more data in it(For Example Mark and CH have four employees name in it). While I am populating data it's displaying only one data per cell and probably the last record (in col 1, row 1 it is displaying only 'Brett' but not everybody). then I have used '/n', this has resolved the issue but '/n' is also appearing in the report(see col 2. row 2). Is it possible to customize the Cross Tab to fit with this requirement?

Is it possible if I use JavaBeans as DataSource. I'll grateful if anybody provides some snippets of code that would be helpfull.


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You can concatenate '/n' inside your SQL Function, but it's also having problem with data fetching.

FIrstly, if you concat hardcoded then it'll appear fine otherwise NO. But, You can give a try.

Secondly, If you Group by CH, CP etc, those will be sorted by default.


Kindly provide your ideas, if you have any.



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