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JRPrintServiceExporter and print formats


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Hello People,


I am currently working on a faction of a project that uses jasper to merge two document(fillReport feature), then use JRPrintServiceExporter(with all print parameters set) , to export the resultant JasperPrint object to the printer, with the aid of java print service lookup functionality.

JasperPrint is direcly (as it seems to the developer) interpreted by the printer and printed. I have three questions here :

1->I would like know if there is a means to obtain an object from the JasperPrint or export the same to something that is in a format that is in a PCL/PS format?

2-->>Can be JasperPrint object be exported to any of the available printers(of different vendors), i.e would most/ all printers usually used print with jasperPrint object as input?

3--->>>Does JRPrintServiceExporter's exportReport() convert the jasperprint to a printer understandable format, if yes, what format? and can it return an inputstream of such object that can be saved as a physical entity on a harddisk.


This are questions hindering a release process, do reply back asap, if u have an answer.



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