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jasper reports and jfreechart library

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By: Sonia Marcela Benavides - sobenavi

jasper reports and jfreechart library

2003-04-03 08:38

Hi... i'm new using jasper report and jfreechart (great library),...


when i install jasper, the example that use jfreechart is in directory /demo/samples/chart

this use a pie chart, i need create a vertical bar chart, looking in jfreechart api documentation i found "DefaultCategoryDataset" interface which create a dataset and works in jfreechart examples directory, but when i try use this method in jasper don't work .............what could be happend?


somebody can help me?...


Thanks a lot





By: Julie Bé²µbé­ orlibou

RE: jasper reports and jfreechart library

2003-04-04 12:04

Are you the same api?


In the example of Jasper it's jfreechart-0.9.2.jar and jcommon-0.6.4.jar


Now, the last version of JfreeChart is jfreechart-0.9.6.jar and jcommon-0.7.2.jar

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