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dynamic subreport and band splitting


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Hi, I have succesfully created a master report containing several subreports.


Using iReport I pushed a single subreport element in a group header. Group expression is the report file name, and I use this field with another containing subreport parameters to generate variable number of subreports. So, if I want two subreports I have just to create a JRMapCollectionDataSource with two rows containing respectively first subreport file name and parameters and second subreport filename and parameters.


My subreports don't use datasource, and all the information have to be passed through parameters; I put on a dummy group header all the textfields displaying these parameters.


Now I have two questions:


- what if i would need a group header longer than one page (because I have to display a lot of parameters...)?


- in the master report, subreports not split over pages (I already tried relative options such as "allow band broken", for group header, or not "start report on new page" for subreports) and report data are shown all toghether.


Ther's a way to broke a band containing only static fields?




Thank's in advance, Fabio

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