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Aggregated time charts


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Would anyone be able to give some pointers on how to create a chart with time bandings on the X axis and aggregated values on the Y axis? For example, consider this data:


time user

100 X

100 Y

110 X

110 Z

120 Z

130 Y

130 X

130 Z


Would produce a graph with (for arguments sake) four time bands with values:


100-110: 2

110-120: 2

120-130: 1

130-140: 3


Of course, I will have lots of time data and the bands will be controlled by the 'Time period' drop down in a 'Time series dataset'.


Any thoughts would be most welcome.




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So perhaps I can expand my question - how do I sum something in Jasper? Are there any kind of aggregation abilities at all? I can't believe this isn't really easy given aggregation must be a common task (I am assuming I just don't know how to do this!).
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