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subreport causes high mem usage on thread


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hi - iReports is great, I've used it for a couple of cool -- but simple :side: -- things in our org.

However, I'm trying to do my 2nd subreport. The 1st was a test using Northwind :whistle:

I have two reports which work ok standing alone.

If I change the 2nd report to a sub report and pass it a field from the 1st report as a parameter it doesn't execute. The WHERE query in the 2nd report is changed from a simple "= 1" to "$P{field_name}".


The cpu hovers around 50% and the javaw.exe process chews memory until I end the thread.


Any suggestions please!


some info:

iReports 1.3.1, java build 1.5.0_04-b05





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ok I started from scratch - I think the above behavior is due to my changing the field that is set to the $P from java.lang.Long to .String.

When I leave it as .Long I get "Incompatible java.lang.Long value assigned to parameter".


How else can I cast this field/parameter value to a string?



Post edited by: waynes, at: 2007/03/27 06:26

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