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Exporter for plain text

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By: Jochen Hiller - jhiller

Exporter for plain text

2003-03-18 08:29

Hi all,


we consider to use JasperReports to replace an "old" fashioned, host based reporting system. The required output format is plain ASCII text, means 132 columns, about 50 rows, and fixed positioning of all header, footer, and data parts.


We understand, that there is NO plain exporter yet available. Are there other options, e.g. using the printer API and a simple printer type ? Or how much effort would be needed to write such an "JRPlainTextExporter" ?


Thanks for your help.










By: Thomas Richter - hornet_f4c

RE: Exporter for plain text

2003-03-26 20:04

Hey Jochen !!!


Muhahaha - I can't believe it. Teodor is really looking into this !!!


Problem is - I also have really no picture on how to convert a styled report into plain text. This is why this idea sounded so ...ehrm...exotic to me.


Tri /Bos ;-)





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Exporter for plain text

2003-03-25 14:11




Creating a pure text exporter is one of my current


But for the moment, I do not have a clear picture

about how the transformation of styled text into

pure text should be performed.


I'm open to suggestions.


Thank you,







By: Jochen Hiller - jhiller

RE: Exporter for plain text

2003-04-02 02:36

Hi Teodor,


thanks for the answer. Where should we start a discussion, here in forum, on mailing list, or bidirectional ?


The requirements for such an exporter are quite simple from my point of view:

- ignore all style information

- ignore all parts, which cannot be expressed in plain text, e.g. graphical information. Perhaps replace with a useful text (Here would be a graphic)


I think, those developers which requires a plain text output, will NOT design such a report with non-representable elements.


What do you think ?

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