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I have a simple report that prints out a barcode, i designed this report using the barcode tool in ireport. When i run this report in jboss on windows the report prints fine, the barcode is displayed and the barcode numbers are legible. When i run this report against jboss running on a linux server the report is printed, and the barcodes are legible, and can be read by the scanner, but I get black boxes where the numbers should be. Has anyone else run into this problem, or been able to resolve it?



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I found the problem in my case.

In my run.sh file in jboss/bin

we set one of java.awt API parameters.

When I removed this parameter and re-run the run.sh file

the barcode turned out ok :-)

The barcode creator is using Java.awt as well so that is why I got a bad barcode image.

Try and look for awt packages configuration in your files.


Good luck



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