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Preventing infinite loop problem : is it possible?


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I spent some days (yes !!!) looking for how to generate a simple iReport document with multiple pages when content overflows. Up to now, I'm not able to do it because of infinite lopping problem.




I read many ansewrs/questions in the forum, read the official documentation, delve in source code, firslty in order to find a manner to resovle my problem, and secondly to find a way to detect layouts problems when IReport can not dot it.




Mister Teodor says in many ansewrs that : There is some layout problem inside which is not

detectable at compile time. Lets agree, but what are the rules to respect in order to prevent like theses problems ? and (if they exist !) where can I find these rules in the official documentation ? as it seems to be a frequent problem with IReport/Jasper.




Thanks in advance

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