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Horizontal Filling


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Is there a way to perform horizontal filling with a field?


Like a field $F{number} the result will be:

10 20 2 3 20 40 80


instead of one in each line


I know there is possible to divide the report in columns, but that would be a static way. if my datasource has more entries than report's columns, it would go to the next line, I dont want that


Is there a way to do this?



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If you have only one field, you could overwrite the getFieldValue() method of the datasource class.


something like:


class MyDataSource extends OtherDataSource {

public Object getFieldValue(JRField jrField) {
StringBuffer data = new StringBuffer(""«»);
while(a_condition) {
data.append((String)super.getFieldValue(jrField)+ " "«»);
if(!next()) {
return data.toString();


Post edited by: Alexander Merz, at: 2006/08/08 20:27

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