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calling a plsql function


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Generally you would call it as part of your query in the normal way, like this:



SELECT column1, colum2, yourfunction(somecolumn) as column3

FROM tablename;



If you just want to get a single piece of information for the header then you still use a query but embed the query in a subreport.

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I'm a new user to ireport... How were you able to execute the plsql statements in ireport?

I am using ireport 4.6.0 to report straight from an oracle database and not with java.  The version of the db driver is ojdb6.jar.

Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks!!

On the 'Report query' screen, I select 'plsql' so that I can process plsql statements. However, when I enter a simple plsql statement ending with a ';', it gives and error of:

"Error:SQL problems:ORA-00911:invalid character"

When I remove the semicolon, the statement executes correctly as a sql statement, not a plsql statement.

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