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Getting image size from report


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Hi I'am using an JRRenderable image on my report in which I fill the content of my image (blob data) by using a scriptlet (I'am using JasperReports 1.3.0).


How can I obtain the image width and height of the image I placed on the report in code (is fixed).


I have a class that extends the ReportImage (for the renderable part).




I could suffice with an inputStream but I've noticed that scaleImage options muck up my transparent images.


FillFrame and RetainShape are problematic, Clip is OK.


So I manually want to scale my images (in proportions) to fit either the width or height of the image holder I placed on the report. So hence the question of obtaining the width or height of the image holder dynamically.


Hope someone can help ;)


Thx Peter

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