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Report don't work when including a sub report


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Hi everyone.


I created a tabular report which use a sql query and an oracle database as a datasource. I needed to add a chart at the end of the report so I first created a subdataset to fill it with, as the data in the graph were not the same as in the tabular report.

I t worked well, but I wanted the report to have a parameter, and it seems that I can use the main report parameter in a subdataset, so I tried to create a subreport containing the chart.


The problem is that as long as I don't link the reports with each other using a subreport, both work well but if I create a subreport containing the chart in the summary section of my main tabular report, when I try to view it, iReport starts to consume all my CPU time, eat more an more memory and never show anything.


any idea?


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just tried something else. I created a new report with some dummy query like "select sysdate from dual", then included the two reports (the tabular and the chart) in the detail section. When i try to view the result with only the tabular subreport, it works perfectly, but I have the same issue when I include the chart subreport.


Is there any bug with subreports containing charts? Here is my environment:


WIN XP PRO SP1 - JRE 5.0 (just updated) - Ireport 1.2.8.

No message in the console while ireport gobbles my computer ressources.

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Ok I found a workaround which solved my problem. I simply included the tabular report as a subreport in the chart report (Soooo simple).

But as I said this a workaround, not a real good solution, as I was forced to use a Print when expression on my detail section, as the report printed as many times the same tabular subrpt as there were plot in my graph.

And what will I do the day I'll have to include more than one chart with a different query for each one, and depending on a report parameter?


I would like to know if someone already used a subreport with a chart in it, or if it is really a bug, and it would be helpful to report it.

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