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Timezone Problems


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I create my report in iReport and the fields with dates and times will display correctly, but when I send this report to the JasperServer the time value is incrised in 3 hours (i living in Brasil, the offset is -3 hours from GMT). How I configure the Jasperserver for display the time correctly?


Thenks for all


Ps: The version of iReport is 1.3.1, end jasperserver is 1.2.

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There are two mechanisms that involve timezones in JasperServer. Depending on your particular case, you would use one of the two.


On the login page, you can choose from a list of timezones. The selected timezone will be used to display all datetimes in JasperServer, including datetimes displayed via java.util.Date report textfields.


By default, the server (the default timezone of the server JVM) is selected.

Ideally, datetimes fetched from JS datasources should have correct timestamps. java.util.Date instances are timezone agnostic and timestamps are interpreted as milliseconds from Jan 1st 1970 00:00:00 GMT.


However, a particular datasource might not follow this rule; e.g. a DB stores dates using a different timezone and the JDBC driver does not create java.util.Dates having correct timestamps. In such cases, once can specify a timezone for a JasperServer datasource to instruct JS to adjust the dates retrieved from the datasource. To do this, one would edit the datasource and set the timezone that should be used for adjustment.





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