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JRDataSourceProvider using 2nd level fields


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Hope the subject is clear. What I am having a problem with is accessing subfields from my datasource.


In my example my datasource relates to licences, the Licence class contains a licenceHolder which is of LicenceHolder class.


In iReport (1.3.1) the Report Query, using DataSourceProvider lists the fields as expected and shows licenceHolder with the correct Field Type. i.e. ... ws.licensing.LicenceHolder .


I need to know how to access the licence holder information, say licenceHolder.familyName.


I have tried $F{licenceHolder}.familyName and on compuile I get the field is not visible.


Checking the licenceHolder class familyName is private, but so are all the fields in licence which are returned successfully.


Do the fields have to be public, or are there other ways in which I should access this data.


Have also tried :

$F{licenceHolder}.{familyName} syntax error

$F{licenceHolder}.$F{familyName} Field not found : familyName

$F{licenceHolder.familyName} Field not found : licenceHolder.familyName




OK I've worked it out I need to use



Maybe the post will be of help to someone else.





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