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MultiAxis problem between iReport &my applicat


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I encountered some problems when using MultiAxis Chart.
With the same .jrxml file and the same datasource , i got different reports between iReport and my Java application.
My MultiAxis charts is composed of a Line Categorie Chart and Stacked Bar Categories Chart.

With iReport, all runs fine, i got the report i wanted.
With my java application , the Stacked Bar char is rendered fine but the Line Chart was only rendering the last categories.

After sereval tests i made, it appears that the first chart( in my case the Line Categories Chart) defined in the Multi Axis Chart List did not render well, just the last catogories of the dataSource.

I found no way to bypass this problem.

i checked all the library , the 2 environnements had the same version of each library.

I dont understand why i can t be able to generate a report with multiAxis chart.

Please tell me , if you have ever succeeded to use multiAxis chart in a java application.

Any help would be great for me.

[file name=MutliAxis_myApplication.jpg size=63604]
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