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Passing details as subreports?


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I'm trying to pass detail subreport as a parameter in IReport, but it doesn't appear on the PDF exported report as I tried to pass it as a JasperPrint object. I changed it definition to java.lang.String class (as it used to work in JasperReports 0.53) and it throws me a JRException with can't open file (which exists though). Any ideas how could I pass the detail in IReport? :(
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I updated my Java application (previously using and older JasperReports release), replaced all packages names in the Java classes and XML files. Now I think I have version incompatibility of some sort - when I try to run master jasper with subreports, the subreports are not visible. THis happens when I use the following parameter definition in the mapping:


<parameter name="detail" isForPrompting="true" class="net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperReport"/>


If I change the class to "java.lang.String", I get the "Error loading object from file" exception from JRException. Which is the correct way to use the parameter in mapping?

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