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help with crosstab appearance


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i figured out how to create a crosstab for net worth or profit/loss.


right now the crosstab is on a band at the end of the report. the detail of the report is going to take such a big amount of pages if i do it for 12 months.


is there a way i can supress printing of the detail data? if i set the band height to zero it doesnt show the detail records but blank space is filled.


ideally i'd like the crosstab to at least show on the first page displayed in my viewer (at the top is cool but that is probably wishful thinking).


thanks very much for any assistance.


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i set the bands and fields to a very small height

and chose the option remove line when blank.

so now my cross tab displays on the first page.


the grid lines look like someone took an eraser

and erased part of the top left corner of my

displayed crosstab.


if anyone knows how to fix the gridlines let me know.

i tried not including gridlines but it still gets kind of funky on me.


but it is very functional and i'll run with it no matter what.


have a great week,


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