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Problem: JasperETL cannot genrate perl code


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i'm downloading the JasperETL to this address

and i install perl and java but i have a problem with this version of talend.

i lauch a simple job(Prior_test of embedded sample) that launch a simple msgbox but don't generate perl code.

it's a BUG ??? please help me !!!

Post edited by: shala, at: 2007/02/22 09:52

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According to the installation guide of JasperETL, you need to install Java 1.5 (and no Java 1.6).


We can reach JasperETL installation guide at :



According to the bugtraker, http://talendforge.org/bugs/view.php?id=438 the next release of TOS and JasperETL (available next week) will be manage JVM 1.6!


Stay tuned!



Thank you for your support!

Cedric Carbone

Talend CTO

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ok but i was installed the JRE 1.6 because i work with the lastest cersion of netbeans and the 1.6 it's bundled with it.


Talend it's a pretty good software, and i don't want with other ETL now. and it's for this reason that i post here.



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