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CROSSTAB - row counting & background filling


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Hello, JasperReports-people!


Is there any possibility to alternatively-color/fill the rows background for a crosstab, depending on the current row number in the crosstab?


I would like a condition that resembles the following:


new Boolean(($V{ROW_COUNT}.intValue()%3) == 0)


where ROW_COUNT is the number of rows in the crosstab.



Example: 1st row is RED, second is YELLOW, third is BLUE (Hai Romania!) or RED-WHITE-GREEN (Viva Italia!) and so on...


Is there any BUILT-IN variable that automatically counts the rows for a crosstab?






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Post edited by: Krac, at: 2007/02/21 14:03

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The ROW_COUNT and COLUMN_COUNT variables are available in crosstabs. One can achieve alternate colors for crosstab rows using these variables and conditional styles.


The OrdersReport sample found in the JasperReports project package under demo/samples/crosstabs illustrates this.




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I am also doing the alternate color. Is there any other way to do it. As in without using ROW_COUNT?


In my scenario ROW_COUNT is not working. What i have 2 rowGroups. The row count is determined by the inner one, and for the outer one i want alternate color.


I'have tried condition style. But since i am getting odd in all the case, the color for outer row group is coming out to be same.


A1 B1 <grey>

- B2 <white>

- Total <blue>

A2 B1 < grey>

- B2 < white>


In this both A1 and A2 are getting same color, as row_count for them is 1 and 3. How can i get them to have different color?





    <style name="detailCellStyle">
<conditionExpression>$V{ROW_COUNT}.intValue() % 2 == 1 ? Boolean.TRUE : Boolean.FALSE</conditionExpression>
<style backcolor="#DDDAC0" mode="Opaque" forecolor="black"/>
<conditionExpression>$V{ROW_COUNT}.intValue() % 2 != 1 ? Boolean.TRUE : Boolean.FALSE</conditionExpression>
<style backcolor="white" mode="Opaque" forecolor="black"/>
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