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Parameterised Report Units


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I have a very basic Question,

I have created parameterised reports in iReport Designer (based on the parameter, report will be displayed) it works in IR.

I tried deploying the same in JI, but it dosent accept the parameter from the user to display the filtered data.


Any help or information on this would be greatful.




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Hi Scott,


I created a parameterized report in iReport designer, it works fine (it fetches values based on the input passed).


But when i deploy this jrxml into JI (report unit), it doesnt ask for parameters, but runs fine showing the report with value supplied with the default parameter.


I am not sure whether the method i followed for parameterized reports is correct.


Any help on this could be of great value!




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I tried using the input control for a parameterized report (using iReport and jasperserver inside the iReport as plugin)

The parameterized report is working fine in iReport and generates report using the input value.


But in jasperserver reports, after creating & running the report unit, it seems that even after providing a different input in input control the jasperreport shows only the default value.


Can you please help me in this regard.




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