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too many time to run subreport


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hi, I'm a newbee with jasper report and ireport.

I have a problem when i run a subreport inside master report. Each subreport take too many time, may be 200ms.

For exemple :

I have a master report with 8 subreport (one subreport = one sql query) and one subreport = 200ms

All subreports inside a band detail, runtime 200*8=1600ms, it' enormous!

I need help for optimization (SQL ok)


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I did not use Java or Groovy scriplet.

I have already think about temporary table, but I don't know if it's possible with jasper.




1.6s by element (sub-report) repeated 8 times by row for 8000 rows --> 1.6*8000 (extrapolation)



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