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Time chat/value converting problem


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I am very new in iReport. i have learnt a lot from this forum.

Now I am trying to draw time series chart.

In my data base I have last_computed_time (String) ex=12:30 am Jan 2nd, 07, and time_interval as String and five values like t1(double),t2(double),t3(double),t4(double),t5(double).


Now I have to draw a time series chart where


value time

----- --------

t1 last_computed_time + time _interval

t2 last_computed_time + time _interval+ time _interval


t3 last_computed_time + time _interval+ time _interval+ time _interval


in this up to t5.

my problem is that I can't convert the string value of last_computed_time and time _interval


and also addition of both of them.

Actually in java I can convert it using SimpleDateFormat and parsing method. but in ireport I am getting problem .

I need some thing like this


Please help me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


size=150C:Documents and SettingsAtanuMy Documentsgraph.jpeg[/img]

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