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Problem with Date parameters


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Hi all¡¡


i'm trying to use this query (Ireport 1.2.7):



where (fac.id_cliente = $P{p_cliente} or $P{p_cliente} = 0)
and (srv.id_serv_gen = $P{p_servicio} or $P{p_servicio} = 0)
and fac.fecha_caducidad >= to_date($P{p_vencini},'dd-MM-yyyy') and fac.fecha_caducidad <= to_date($P{p_vencfin},'dd-MM-yyyy')
and sysdate > fac.fecha_caducidad and fac.factura_pagada in ('N','P')


But I'm still getting an ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected error.


I don't understand where is my error¡¡¡ Please, if somebody could point to me the error or could explain me why I can't run this query, I will be very grateful :)


Thanks alot in advanced...



Marianela ;)

Post edited by: marianela, at: 2007/02/15 11:42

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