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Hello, I'm a newbie on iReport (v1.3.0). I have a problem to make a "Print when expression" work. This is my code:

new Boolean($F{sales_document_headertext1}.length() > 0 || 
$F{sales_document_title}.length() > 0)

The part which doesn't work is the logical OR operator. What am I doing wrong here? Could somebody give me a hint please?




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Unable to test this, but it should be something like:


new java.lang.Boolean($F{sales_document_headertext1}.length() > 0 ? TRUE : FALSE)



Of course you could deal in other data types, such as String:


new java.lang.String($F{sales_document_headertext1}.length() > 0 ? "TRUE" : "FALSE")



or numerics:


new java.lang.Integer($F{sales_document_headertext1}.length() > 0 ? 1 : 0)



or whatever you please. Have fun.

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