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Parsing XML


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I have a report that for the most part is pretty simple. However I have run into a circumstance I have never dealt with before. 4 of the fields in my report come from a single database entry which contains formated XML. This field is used as a dictionary style catch all similar to a metadata style structure.








<f5>Data Sample 1</f5>


<f7>Data Sample 2</f7>

<f8>Data Sample 3</f8>

<f9>Data Sample 4</f9>





I need to create a report without deploying a new build due to internal reasons and thus would like to handel it within the compiled jasper report. Anyone have an experience on this one?

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Did you try to achieve it using scriptlet?


1)Add scriptlet with static methods extracting your stuff from xml


static String exractF5(String xml);

2)implement extraction using some XML parser


3)add variable f5 = Scriptlet.exractF5(serviceMetadataHeader);


Actually I didn't test it to work, just an idea


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