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Casting problem in ireport


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You have to be explicit with just about everything you do. Even a simple Default Value Expression needs to be cast correctly. For example, if you have a Patameter or Variable of (say) type java.lang.Integer then the expression for a default value of zero is not 0, it is new java.lang.Integer(0).



The only exception is java.lang.String objects, where you can simply enter a literal string in double quotes.



Often you will need to recast several times if you are doing calculations or formatting. The following example might help you to understand it better: http://www.jasperforge.org/index.php?option=com_mamblog&Itemid=109&task=show&action=view&id=239&Itemid=109 Check the section headed "Method 2. The Hard Way" as it breaks down a cast from Double to Long and back to Double for you.

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