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Several Pages in a report


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I would like to put my text and parameters in several pages in format A4 (21*29,7). I know that i can have several pages with using groups (start on a new page) or subreports. But i would like to know how to create a second sheet(page) for one report. One report is only one sheet?


Sorry for my basic question :blush: but i don't find really good answer to my question in any post about pagination.


Thanks for answer.


Best regards,



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At design time you only have one canvas to work with. The canvas is a report layout control and doesn't necessarily relate to the concept of output pages. The A4 size that you specify for the report is only used by iReports to set vertical size limits on the various bands at design time.



The canvas allows you to adjust the layout for output pages by using Headers, Footers, Columns, Grouping, Sub-reports, and the Summary band. You can achieve a lot more layout control using these report sections than you can trying to manipulate the contents of the Detail band.



There is no way to force a different canvas "page" other than to utilise the Summary or Last Page Footer sections. But if you do, then it may restrict your use of other header and footer sections (as these can limit the vertical size of the Summary and Last Page Footer bands.




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