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iReport and NetBeans Integration


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I just started using NetBeans a week back , and also iReport just today. I have kind of got the feel of both these user-interfaces ... I was able to generate files/sql querie's output using iReports.


My Doubt was that, now iReport creates a .java file of my Report(i.e after i compile it and run it).This java file has no "MAIN" method. How can i use the same file in Netbeans to integrate it with the project i am working on.


do i use the .jrxml file instead of the .java file


Please advise/help me step wise. How will me Project(in NetBeans) call this iReport/JasperReport for generation and printing

Just in case:

my email:udit.patel@rediffmail.com


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Thanks .. i got it ..

now what if i want to compile the file generated by iReport which is in .jrxml format

i used the command jasperCompilemanager and the compler wasn't working .. so i directly used the "fill" method but the file that i used as source was a .jasperfile and it worked perfecty ..

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tell me exactly where you are getting stuck. I'll be able to help you then. From what i understand u have to take that .jasper file, and put it into the project folder of netbeans. The project folder is the current project u are using in netbeans.




U need to get the JasperReports .Jar from the Download section.


Need to know the exact problem ..

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