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Solved -variable "before" data is there?


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We solved it by changing the sql-view itself, not the report...



Hi all...

my problem is a bit complex, but i try to explain it, so i could be understood.


I have three reports (monthly, quarter, yearly) which displays data for some forecasts. The structure is obvious; so in the quarter report the months are taken together in quarters; and in the year report, the data for the whole year is displayed (grouped).


Now, it could be, that a month has a specific value, like "no forecast entered", which should be displayed in the monthly report like all the other values.

But in the quarter or year report, it should only be displayed, when there does not exist another dataset for that quarter or year. If there are datasets for that quarter/year, the dataset "no forecast entered" should NOT be displayed.


I tried it with a variable, which counts the real datasets in one year, but that does not work properly, because it is set too late for me.


does anyone has an idea of how i could define that variable or something?


i use jr 1.3.0 and a hibernate connection in a java web application.

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