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text wraps prematurely


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Hi all,


I have a strange text wrapping issue.


I've attached a very simple jrxml file to demonstrate the problem - just has one field in report.


When I run the attached jrxml file via windows, it wraps correctly (see sample PDF). However, if I run the same report via linux/tomcat, it wraps the text incorrectly (creates an additional line for the text that it does not need) (see sample PDF).


Any ideas?


thanks in advance


Anthony [file name=text_wrap.zip size=3283]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/text_wrap.zip[/file]

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Usually this kind of issues are caused by mismatch between Java and PDF fonts. Ideally, the Java font (specified by fontName) and the PDF font (pdfFontName) should resolve to the same physical font. Otherwise, text field heights, which are calculated at fill time using the Java font, would not match the height of the text produced by the PDF exporter.


AWT uses a default font when a specific font is not available to the JVM. Is the "Times New Roman" font available in the Linux JVM?




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aengla01 wrote:

OK - thanks - I'll look into it.


If you find a solution to this issue, could you be so kind and post it here. I'm having similar PDF-rendering problems on differend platforms (windows / UNIX) and this should be fixed ASAP.

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