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Class Loader fails


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I am developing a web application and, of course, it requires some reports.


I designed a report in iReports 1.2.8, compiled it to a .jasper file. It runs very well in iReports, when using it in my application (the .jasper file) it works very well in NetBeans 5.0 with Tomcat 5.5.9 embedded.


I am using the methods from JasperReports that return byte[] to generate a PDF report.


My problem is when I try to deploy the application to WebSphere 6.1 or Sun Application Server 8.2 both return a NullPointerException when trying to get the length of the byte[] variable because it is null.


While debugging in Sun App Svr, the method JRClassLoader.loadClassFromBytes(String className, byte[] bytecodes) is called with className = myReportName_<someNumbers>


Looking into the directory where I created the report with iReports, I found a .java file that matches the exact name (numbers included) of the invocation. My questions are:


a)Do I need to put this .java file somewhere in my project?

b)If the answer to the previous question is "yes", where do I have to put it? Because it has no package declared.

c)If the answer to question (a) is "no", then what do I do because the classLoader is not working, as if it do not find the class myReportName_<someNumbers>


Please, any help would prevent more hair from coming off because of my pulling… not to mention the hurry I am now in.


Thanks in advance and best regards.



PS. By the way, iReports is great!

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I have only a partial answer for you: you don't have to put the .java file anywhere, the method you mentioned load a Java class from an in-memory byte array.


Unfortunately, I have no idea why this doesn't work on WebSphere or Sun App Server. I'll leave this question open for others to answer. You could also investigate this further yourself.




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