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How to draw a simple statique Table with iReport ?


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Hello every body,


I'm new in iReport/Jasper Word.


I have tested the sample example contained in jasper distribution to draw a simple table, but the generated table is not well drawn ! (columns are not aligned ...)


After, I spent some hours looking in iReport for some ready-to-use object for that need (like in MS Word or JavaScript HTML editors). I did'nt find any one !


Constructing table with lines and TextField grouping and concatenation (like in the distribution example) is so hard ! and doesn’t produce nice tables. So, How to draw a simple static Table with iReport ? is it possible ?


Thanks to you.

:unsure: :unsure:

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Hi you !


No it is not possible to draw a table with IReport like in MS-Word ... in documentation of IReport is noticed :


Unlike what happens with word processor,in iReport the concept of paragraph,table or page

break does not exist;everything is created by eans of ele ents which can contain

text,create tables when they are opportunely aligned,and so on.


IReport is very bad documented and even for simple tasks you need to spend a lot of time to find an information ! be careful before choosing it like a reporting tool. I'm still having big issues whith obvious functionnalities even I bought the documentation

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