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Excell Format cell in ireport


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We are trying to use JasperReport from our Java based web application. We are using JDBC Data source. And Report is rendered through a Java Servlet.

To create the report xml file we are using iReport tool.

But we are facing problem while exporting report to Excel format.We are getting one field in exponential format. We tried using TO_CHAR in SQL query, but not able to resolve problem.

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Exponential format? Do you mean scientific notation? If so this will happen because:



1) You haven't set the the desired element output pattern (eg. #,##0.00) in the source. Look under the "Text Field" tab in the element properties dialog box.






2) The element is not wide enough to display the full output, so excel automatically converts to scientific notation so that at least part of the number is readable. Try setting the element's width to a larger value

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