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array String in parameter


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I pass to my report a parameter "report" with this structure :


parameters.put("Data", report );


report-> string[] countries;

List<subBean> offices;


I want show all the countries in my report


I have a parameter Data, and $P{Data}.getCountries() give me a string[].


How show all the countries in the same fiel???


I had tried this in one field:


String[] a = $P{Data}.getProvinces();
String result = "";
if (a.length > 0) {
result = a[0];
for (int i=1; i<a.length; i++) {
result = result + ", " + a;
return result;


But I was unlucky. :(




p.D.sorry for my English.




Ok now.


My problem was I wanted put the code into ireport, and it´s not possible (for me)


I write this code into of de class bean "report" (method CountriesToString()) and in the ireport i write -> $P{Data}.CountriesToString()

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