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Displaying the number of records


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i have a jasper report, which contains a sql query. now this query sometimes returns 5 records and sometimes 50. i want to display this "number of records" within my report. so i guess my question is how can i display it. now this report is not a straight off count of the number of records in a table, but the user has the ability to add a filter to this report, so the "number of records" is based on the users filter and not the total number of records in a table. so essentially i need to count the number of records returned based on their selection and display that figure.


any help guys. thanks.

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It's not clear how the data filters are implemented, but if you want to display the number of data source records in a report you can use the REPORT_COUNT in a text field having evaluationTime="Report" (the delayed evaluation is not necessary if the text field is placed on the report summary).




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