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DecimalFormat in scriptlet context


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I am trying to use java.text.DecimalFormat in a scriptlet so that the string representation of a number does not appear in scientific notation. Unfortunately the compiler always complains as shown in the code sample below:



import net.sf.jasperreports.engine.*;
import java.text.DecimalFormat;


public String myNumberFormat(Double v1) throws JRScriptletException

/** make a string out of the Double that was passed in **/
java.text.DecimalFormat formatter = java.text.DecimalFormat("#0.#"«»);

String p = formatter.format(v1);





Removing the "java.text." class directive simply changes the error to "cannotÂfindÂsymbol DecimalFormat".



It's like the scriptlet engine doesn't follow or know about the iReport classpath. Putting rt.jar into the iReport lib directory along with all the other jrs didn't help either.



Any ideas?





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