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Report query in summary band


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I'm using iReport to display DB results from application testing. It would be convenient to be able to present the query that was used to generate a report within the report itself, say in the Summary band, so that others could validate the SQL.


Is there any facility in iReport to accomplish this?

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If you don't pass parameters into your query then you could define your entire query inside a parameter. Your query expression would then simply be $P!{yourQueryParameter}.



You could then set up a Field Text box in the summary section with it's expression being $P{yourQueryParameter}.



But remember you can't pass a parameter into another parameter before the query is filled, so this would only work for static queries.

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If you pass parameters into a query then you can simply replicate the query text in a Text Field. For example, if you have an SQL query like this:



select *

from tbl_site_$P!{SITE_CODE}

where site_status=$P{SITE_STATUS}

and property_group = $P{PROP_GROUP}



then your Text Field expression would be:



"select * from tbl_site_" + $P{SITE_CODE} + " where site_status=" + $P{SITE_STATUS} + " and property_group > " + $P{PROP_GROUP}

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