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background color issue


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I want to set the background color of a row in the details band. A row consists of an opaque rectangle with gray backgound and foreground, 3 transparent textfieds upon the rectangle. In iReport1.2.8 the layout is displayed correct, but the hmtl export created with jasperreports1.2.8 does not display the background color. I've browsed the generated html, it's missing the background color setting.

Someone here in the forum posted that this is a bug in jasperreports ? In version 1.3.0 the bug is still there.



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Hi, i am not sure if this is a bug. Don't know exactly how html-export works, but it is possible to set a parameter while exporting, where you can set some html-background true or false. Perhaps it has something to do with this point.


(JRHtmlExporterParameter.IS_WHITE_PAGE_BACKGROUND, Boolean.FALSE)


So, perhaps you have to look in that direction.

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