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storing datetime of last report


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I am hoping that someone can offer some advice on a task I have set myself.


I am trying to work out a way to automatically store the date and time of a reports generation in a simple table. Each subsequent report will of course have a later date and time.


However I am struggling to find a way to do this automatically within ireport.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Many Thanks


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Managed to work this one out myself.


Probably the best way seems to be using ireport's built in Java scriptlet utility.

Simply select the scriptlet editor and create a method in the resultant automatic class.

Your method will create a connection object and statement object which will facilitate communication with a database.

The method should also create a new 'Date' object which will be formatted and stored in a very simple table, to be retrieved whenever needed.

A call to the method can be placed in one of the events that the scriptlet class supports....that way the date/time will be placed in the table automatically every time a new report is generated.




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