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Stretching the detail band


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I have a 2 column detail band. There are two fields in the band, one with the line number and the other with the field from the query. The report is horizontally filled and the detail band is set to the height of a single row and is splittable. I have both textFields set to stretch type RelativeToBandHeight, and Stretch with overflow.


The problem is that when one of the textFields overflows, it is truncated instead of stretching the textField and the band. I feel like I'm missing something to get the detail band to stretch.


I've gone over the JRUltimateGuide, the iReport documentation and searched the forums and I can't seem to find the solution. How should I set the band and the two textFields to get this to work?


Any help would be appreciated.




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I just found out that if I change to Vertical report fill, then the band will stretch. I change it back to Horizontal and it won't stretch. Is this intended behavior? Or, is it a bug? Is there something else I need to do to get the Horizontal fill to stretch?




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I'm working on a four column report. The data in the last 2 columns can range from 10 - 1024 characters. Hence I need the ability to have these columns be multiple lines long and not be truncated. But the majority of rows will fit on one line.


I read section 4.3 of the Ultimate Guide and it looks like if I use Vertical Filling, then I've got little more than a newspaper style layout. Is there anyway to get this kind of layout?


1111111111 1111111111 111111111111 111111111111111

2222222222 2222222222 222222222222 222222222222222
222222222 222222222222222

3333333333 3333333333 333333333333 333333333333333

I need the vertical filling to be able to handle columns like in Row 2 above that have more data than can fit in the row height and would stretch that one row beyond the defined band height for the row. I can't make all rows one large height or the report will be mostly white space.


Thanks any ideas are greatly appreciated by this Jasper novice.

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