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call web service runReport method


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I install JasperIntelligence1.0.1 version.

I via browser (http://localhost:8080/jasperserver/view-services/JasperServerService?wsdl)

My browser display:

(short clip of output)


<wsdl:operation name="runReport" parameterOrder="reportUri parameters outputFormat page">

<wsdl:input message="impl:runReportRequest" name="runReportRequest" />

<wsdl:output message="impl:runReportResponse" name="runReportResponse" />

<wsdl:fault message="impl:WebServiceException" name="WebServiceException" />

<wsdl:fault message="impl:WebServiceFileNotFoundException" name="WebServiceFileNotFoundException" />




I use Java call runReport method.

but the report file like the following image


Help me! please!please!please!


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Hello xiaozhang,

First of sorry for not knowing the reason of the messy look of your report.

It is seems that u are succeded in running reports using "runReport".

I have searched a lot in google to run the report using jasper server web services but failed in running the report from my application.

I have one ruby application in which i list the reports that resides in the repository on the jasperserver.

I able to get the list of reports from the server but my problem is that i got the error when i try to run the report by clicking on report name from list.Error is like "Unable to open document:Unhandled mime type:application/xml"

Please can u tell me what you have done to run the report using runReport call?

Can you tell me what i have to do to solve this problem?

Something more...

--I am using Ruby on Rails and Jasper Server Web Services for my application.

--I have created request/response in ruby to call the service methods-list and runReport

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Hello codyjasperForge,

Thank you very much for quick reply.

Here i like to inform you that i am using JasperServer2.0.0 and Ruby on Rails for my application.

As you suggest me to check in documents in docs folder of jasperserver but i have already looked in and specially in JasperServer-Web-Services-Guide.pdf for runReport method.But i am failed in getting anything from it.I have also searched in google to find the reason of "Unable to open document:Unhandled mime type application/xml" but also not got anything helpfull.:(


Please can you show me your code work for reports?

What platform you used for your application?

Which JasperServer version you have used?


At last,I like to request to you to help in solving my problem if possible for you.You can use my email(voice1983@gmail.com) for help


Thank you

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